Send here your comments with the biographies. I’m loking forward to know about your famous friends.


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  1. Andrea dijo:

    profe no se si la voy a tener bien pero lo he intentado…

    Mireia Belmonte was born in Badalona, Barcelona, the 10 of November the 1990.
    She has got 23 years. She is a Spanish swimmer, European, world and double Olympics silver medal. She started swimming four 4 years and since then she has won 26 medals:14 of wold, 9 of silver and 3 of bronze.
    She study at the moment in the U.C.A.M., magement of companies.
    She participated in two Olympics Games: in Pekin 2008 and London 2012.
    She is a fantastic swimmer.

  2. diego dijo:

    The brother was born in Detroit in 1975.He didn´t go to school.He didn´t study.He like football and basket.He play the guitar but he doesen´t play the piano. He did a very interesting actor.After that,he did a very good rap singer.Finally,he is a famous scientist

  3. sandralive29 dijo:

    Susana Monroe was born on the 31st of February in Narnia. She studied magic and science in Hogwarts school. When she was 20 years old she won the four wizards cup. She had got an unicorn, his name is Godofredo, he was very intelligent, he spoke French, Italian, English and Spanish.
    Susana died in 3 of March in her house. Her house was a very strong rock.

  4. Belen dijo:

    Jack was born on 20th of september, 1979. He grew up in California, USA, with his mother.
    He didn’t go to school , but he decided to be an actor, so he left home with some money to go to New York . He was also interested about films and proyects. Now he is an actor in hollywood.

  5. Maria Alvarez dijo:

    Katy Perry is a pop singer, guitarist, composer and actress. She was born in California (USA). She grew up listening and singing ‘gospel’ music, during her first year in the Secondary School.
    In 2011, she was named the “Artist of the year” by MTV and she has been nominated to eight Grammy Awards. Her most famous songs are “Hot and cold”, “I kissed a girl”, “Firework” and her last hit “Dark horse”.
    She has got green eyes, dark, straight and long hair. She is thin and she looks healthy and fit.

  6. abde dijo:

    James Diamond was born in Madrid 18-02-1989. He went to school in I.E.S Parque ALuche. He studied drama at university. When he left university he decided to look for a job in New York and he left home with some money. He didnt want to be an actor when he was young. Now James is an International Star.

  7. alexartime dijo:

    Bale was born in Kentucky but grew up in Wales. He left home with some money. He went to study in Wales. When he was 18 years old, Bale was an international star. Gareth Bale played for Wales. Nowadays he playes for Real Madrid. he likes watching tv. He won a gold ball playing for Real Madrid. He is the number 11 of Real Madrid. His date of birth is 4th july 1987…

  8. Johanna Jacqueline 2ºB dijo:

    Chelsa Deep
    Chelsa Deep was born in Florida. She studied drama at university.
    Chelsa left university and drove to California with only $326 in his pocket.
    While she learned to act, she worked as a model.

  9. ALEXA 2ºB dijo:

    Johnny Bullock was born on 17th October, 1973 in Kentucky. He didn’t like school. He wanted to be a musician. He cleaned restaurand tables and sold fridges. He learned to play the guitar and he played in a band. The band went to Los Angele, but they weren’t popular. Johnny looked for an acting job. Finally, he got a part in the film Speed.

  10. criado5 dijo:

    Michael was born 20th april 1966. He went to school and university in California and Oxford. He was born in Las Vegas. He studied to be an actor and he studied history. When was he was 10 years old he wanted to be an actor. Then he was in love with Paris. He played football and basketballas a hobby. Music is very important for him. He painted the Mona Lisa. He likes watching tv.

  11. Ady1312 dijo:

    She is Eamy. She was worn 17th October, 1973. She grew up in Detroit with his mother. She appeared in music videos. She studied drama at university. When she left university she decided to look for a job in New York and left home with some money. She lives in USA with two adopted children. She also has a child with Johnny Deep. She helps children’s organisations.

  12. fran 2b dijo:

    Peter Grifin is a teacher. He was born in california (USA) on 5th of March in 1978. He went to school in California. He went to university in New York. He has got blue eyes. He has got short curly hair. He is tall and fit. He plays football whit his friends. He plays the guitar on Saturdays. He can speak English and French. He married María. They had a son.

  13. wini :)2ºB dijo:

    Peter was born in Detroit the 17th October, 1975. He went to school at the age of fifteen. He studied to be an actor. He was very good at all the subjects when he was 12 years old.
    He lives in Miami. He is married and he has got two children.
    He is a very interesting actor.

  14. juanky 2b dijo:

    He is Johnny Pitt. He was born in Miami on 17th June 1936. He studied journalism at university. When he left university he worked as a commentator in a radio station. Also he worked as a writter in NYT (New York Times). In 2000 he left Miami and he moved to Madrid. In Spain he worked on TV. He won a Golden Microphone in 2007. He travelled to Rio De Janeiro and he met Diego Costa. Finally, he retired and he lived in L.A. (Los Angeles), until in 2011 When he was 75 years old he died.

  15. Stiff Mercury was born in Paris on 1970. He did studied history and geography. He worked in a restaurant to pay for university.Wen he was 30 years old , won the lottery . He has one children . He live in Marsella . He was the champion of the international award history.

  16. Sergio Martin studied Arquitecture at university but he really wanted to be a footballer. So he left university. He played in the Real Madrid football team. Hi number was four. He finished his football career at the age of 34.

  17. tete2b dijo:

    Banjon Dulley was born in french on 4 april 1973. He went to school in parís. He studied maths and anatomy. He was very good at all the subjects. He was 27 years old.He went to live in Berlin in 1986 and still lives there .Barjon painted his mosf famaus works .He liked the football and basketball. He played football of small.He dream was to be a lawyer but now is a professor of physics and chemistry. He work waiter to pay de race. YOLANDA ESPERO QUE TE GUSTE BYE

  18. AlexandraAnamariacsibi. 2B dijo:

    No se si lo tendre bn.
    Carly Dipton was born in New York on 23th julio 1987.She went school and university the Oxford.
    She estudied a actor and history.She 27 years old.Actin she is very important for him.She is hobby play basketball and read a book.She favourite book is casthle.Now she lives in Manchester.
    She has got a one sister and she has got a baby.the baby name is Lira.

  19. John Ronald Reuel Tolkien o JRR Tolkien was born in Inlaterra on 3rd january in 1892.
    I went to school.
    He was a writer,poet and teacher.
    His books The Hobbit and The lord of the rings are his most important books.
    He death on 2nd september on 1973.

  20. Wero 2b dijo:

    Esta es mi biografia:
    He’s name is Johnny Bullock was born in California on 4th June 1975. He went to university in California. He studied drama. He didn’t was very good at all the subjects.
    Then he learned the guitar and he played in a band. the band went to Kentucky, Florida.
    A few years later he worked in a film.
    Finally, lives in USA with her girlfriend. He also has a child


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