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Your new English teacher

I want to introduce you a new teacher. He’s going to be working for us for some time. Ask him any questions and send a comment with his answers. Is he a liar or does he tell the truth? Please, … Seguir leyendo

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Ups¡¡¡ What’s this?


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My family

Hi, my name is Sam. I have got a big family. Charles is my father and Janet is my mother. I have got two sisters. My sister Sara was born first. She is sixteen years old. Anna is my second … Seguir leyendo

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Photopeach … What’s this? To be … What’s this? Can you create a Photopeach using  the verb “to be”?

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Every 3 seconds …

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To plant a tree

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Let’s start with a good rithm. Nothing better than a song for the first term. You have to vote saying which one is your favourite and we will sing the one you decide. You can choose one from these songs: … Seguir leyendo

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