Write a story

Jenny’s story

She is Jenny. She is 20 years old. She can play the piano. She can’t play basketbal. She is a biology student.

Now Jenny is eating some rice but she isn’t eating any potatoes. She is drinking milk but she is’t drink water.

She goes to school by car but she doesn’t go by train In the afternoon she plays football but she doesn’t play tennis.

Yesterday she played a football match but she didn’t play a tennis matc. She visited her grandparents but she didn’t visit her parents

Next Saturday she will swim in the swimming pool but she won’t swim in the ocean.

Daniel, Milena, Nerea, 2º A


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2 respuestas a Write a story

  1. Kevin Alejandro Mesaa dijo:

    Write a story
    She is Ana.She is english. she is a student. She is 15 years old . Shes has got a cat . She has got a computer . She hasn’t got a phone . She can play the guitar . she can’t play the piano . She can play football but she can’t play vollyball

    she is lisening to music, she isn’t watching tv .She is eating pizza .She isn’t eating an apple.

    she goes to school by car eveyday .She doesn’t go to the cinema . She visits her grandmother but she doesn’t visit her friend

    she didn’t go to school yesterday but she went to hospital . she had diner at 7 o’clock . She didn’t cook

    next weak she will go to the Spain but she won’t go to Australia . she won’t play tennis . She will play football . She will cook a diner tomorrow

    yesterday a 12 o’clock she was listening to music. She was cooking a diner . She won’t playing a football

    she was reading a book when her mother knocked at the door . She was speaking to her mother when her friend called on the phone

    Kevin, Valentina, Andrea, Daniela.

    XD 2º A

  2. Write a story.

    She is Arabell. She is 22 years old. She is a doctor. She is not a singer. She can play the guitar. She can’t play the piano. She has got a dog. She hasn’t got a rabbit.

    Now, she is working in a hospital. She is not working in a supermarket. She is eating an orange. She is not eating a banana. she is listening to music. She’s not watching TV.

    She wakes up at half past seven. She don’t wake up at five o’clock. She plays tennis on Saturdays. She doesn’t play tennis on Sundays. She goes to bed at eight o’clock. She doesn’t go to bed at twelve o’clock.

    Yesterday, she went to a party with his friends. Yesterday, she didn’t work. Last weekend, she played a basketball match. She didn’t play a football match. Last weekend, she met with her neighbour. She didn’t meet with his friend.

    She will play a basketball match tomorrow. She won’t play a hockey match. Next weekend, she will write a letter. She won’t write a document. She will work all weekend. She won’t to go to a party.

    Yesterday, at 14:00, she was cooking, when her father opened the door. She wasn’t watching TV. Last weekend, she was playing a video game, when the doorbell rang. She wasn’t reading a book. Last Tuesday, she was reading a book, when her mobile phone rang. She wasn’t walking around.

    2ºA Andrea, Dylan, Guillermo y María


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