Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night

Let’s have a look at this old story we worked some time ago …

Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night

“Planning a night to remember. Looks like it’s going to go with a bang¡”



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5 respuestas a Guy Fawkes Bonfire Night

  1. Vicky. dijo:

    I think last year we talk about in English class, but I don’t remember that be a group. Last year, my teacher explain us a man who wants to plant a bomb in the Big Ben. I think that is interesting.

  2. Yolanda dijo:

    That’s right, Vicky. The story is about a man wanting to blow up the Houses of Parliament. They didn’t succeed and we can still visit them …

  3. Agustina dijo:

    I like the pictures of the presentation!

  4. David Feler dijo:

    Oh! The other day on TV there was a movie very similar on this story, it was a man who wanted revenge for something he did on 5 November (too). For man this put explosives in an abandoned subway bagon the city for the day November 5, 2016 the Bagon is launched and heads to London and exploit parlament.
    Last year (2016) the man (who called himself “v”) notice of its purposes in the local television of London, with the intention that everybody saw it, and they did all they saw, heard, and finally decided, decided to side with “v”, but then the police came to look, and they found him, but the November 5, 2017 and managed to kill him and a woman who was what helped him most was the one who shot bagon lever of explosives underground with “v” in parlament and exploded into a million pieces making this night a beautiful night full of fireworks and fulfilling his revenge.
    The end (the film was cast in Telemadrid).

  5. David Feler dijo:

    The film was cast on 7/11/10.


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