In my bedroom …

Project for 1º ESO

Let’s practice:

There is …………….. , there are ………………….. ,

In my bedroom there is a big teddy.

big teddy

In my bedroom ………

Now it’s your turn to “create” your own project using any flash cards program you can find on the internet. I suggest using this: ( for Android )



Don’t forget to use beautiful pictures¡¡¡

Send your final link in a comment and we will watch it at school.


Here’s a little example:


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34 respuestas a In my bedroom …

  1. yolajb dijo:

    Look at what Alex, our USA assistant, created. Isn’t it just great?

    Here is my book about my bedroom. Its title is: “William’s bedroom”.


    here is my amazing book that almost makes my computer explode

  4. ariel gimenez dijo:
    Here is my book about my bedroom

    • yolajb dijo:

      Thank you, Daina, I like your pictures very much. Your project is very good, but pleas, try to read all the sentences aloud and you’ll notice you have a few mistakes. Try to correcte them, please.

      I see you tomorrow, bye,


  5. yolajb dijo:
  6. julia dijo:

    I wached the video (i´m Julia )

  7. yolajb dijo:

    Hi, Donovan,
    Now we are friends in GoConqr. That’s great¡¡¡
    I’ve seen your 21 flash cards. Good job. Very well done.

    Have a look at

    There is a ….
    There are some ….
    You have got a few mistakes. Once you correct them we can publish it for everybody to enjoy your beautiful pictures


    • yolajb dijo:

      Daiana, I can’t see your project. This is the message I get:

      “Sorry, this is a private set. You don’t have permissions to view it.”

      Can you, please, make it “public”.

      Thank you, Yolanda

  8. Vanina 1°A dijo:


  9. espero que este bien porque lo he intentado

    • yolajb dijo:

      Alex, I think you should have a look at your flash cards. You have made a few mistakes. Check the singular and the plural form of “there is” and “there are”. And the one about the television. Please, In my bedroom there is a television.
      There is a ….
      There are some ….

      I hope you can edit them and write correct sentences. I’ll check again soon to see if you have managed to correct them. Ok?


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