Photopeach 2014 – 2015


Can you please send us your link to the photopeach you have created. I think we’re all very curious about our own productions?


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31 respuestas a Photopeach 2014 – 2015

  1. Marina RC dijo: I have finished, I hope you like it 🙂

  2. yolajb dijo:

    I am very, very, very happy to see that YOU HAVE FINISHED, and you are capable of using a perfect present perfect structure. Thank you, Marina. We all learn a lot from you 🙂

    • yolajb dijo:

      Yessssss, beautiful pictures, Sara. But … could you please, edit caption and photos and write a sentence at the bottom of every picture? Then we can use it to interview your friend Lisa. And by the: have a great weekend¡¡¡

  3. SaraNavarro dijo:
    Here is it! I hope that you like 🙂

    • yolajb dijo:

      Thank you, Sara. Now it looks much better. Only two little problems. Right at the beginning an “e” is missing. Try to find where. And the very last picture has a bit of a problem in the sentences. Have a look at it and try to correct it. If you can’t I can help you.

    • yolajb dijo:

      Hi, Maria. I hope you are feeling well and we can see you soon. I like your Photopeach. You are an expert now. I would like to see a few more sentences + pictures, please. We like to listen to music while we read watch watch beautiful pictures. Bye,

    • yolajb dijo:

      Well, Jose. Your photopeach is allright but I think you can make it a bit longer. It’s nice to see the pictures and read the story. You’ve got, I repeat YOU HAVE GOT, ( HE HAS GOT) two little mistakes. The first one I have already told you. The second one is a “yesterday” sentence which is not on a “yesterday” time. Can you guess which one I mean? And finally you haven’t ended your last sentence: .-When the telephone rang …. (tell us what happened, please. We want to know? bye

  4. Violeta dijo:

    This is Mafalda’s photopeach. I think she did quite well 🙂

    • yolajb dijo:

      Hello, 🙂
      1.- What’s your name?
      2.- Are you a doctor?
      3.- Are you a teacher?
      4.- What is your job?
      5.- Do you live in Rome?
      6.- Do you live in Berlin?
      7.- Where do you live?
      8.- Do you travel by bus?
      9.- Do you drive a car?
      10.- How do you go to school? I ride a bike
      11.- Are you drinking milk now?
      12.- Are you drinking orange juice now?
      13.- What are you drinking now?
      14.- Did you play rugby yesterday?
      15.- Did you play basket yesterday?
      16.- What did you play yesterday?
      17.- Do you eat chicken everyday?
      18.- Do you eat spaghetti everyday?
      19.- What do you eat everyday?
      20.- Are you painting a house now?
      21.- Are you painting a flower now?
      22.- What are you painting now?
      23.- Did you go to the park yesterday?
      24.- Did you go to the swimmingpool yesterday?
      25.- Where did you go yesterday?
      26.- Have you got a little sister?
      27.- Have you got a little brother?
      28.- Do you go to the cinema everyday?
      29.- Where do yo go everyday?

    • yolajb dijo:

      Wow, Sara. Thank you for your photopeach. We used it for the lesson today. Have you seen all the questions. I wonder if you had a good time doing the video. We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Bye.

    • yolajb dijo:

      Oh, Claudio, please, makeit a bit longer. It’s such a good idea¡¡¡ And don’t forget to edit the captions and write a sentence at the bottom of each picture.
      We’ll talk about it tomorrow. Bye.

    • yolajb dijo:

      Who is he?
      He is my friend Sponge Bob
      What is his job?
      He is a cook.
      What does he like eating?
      He likes eating KRABBY PATTY BURGERS
      Has he got a friend?
      Yes, he has. He has got a friend
      What time does he get up?
      He gets up at 8 o’clock everyday.
      How does he go to school?
      He rides a bike to school.
      Where does he live?
      He lives in Bikini Bottom
      What did he catch yesterday?
      Yesterday he caught a jelly fish.

  5. angela_2B dijo:

    Hi Yolanda here is my photopeach

    • yolajb dijo:

      Ángela, your friend Jack is so good looking¡¡¡ And your photopeach is perfect. Well done¡¡¡
      Next time, please, make it a bit longer. I want to know more about Jack’s life, pleaseeee.

  6. Yolanda, this is my photopeach. I hope you like it.

  7. Ana María Feliz dijo:
  8. Marina RC dijo:

    I hope you like the photopeach

  9. Sylwia2ºA dijo:

    I finish my PhotoPeach but I don’t know how to send the link. My user name is Sylwia489

  10. Oscar Rodriguez dijo:

    hey yolanda this is my photopeach


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