Must & Should


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Here is mine:

You can start here:

1.ESO could do one using “must”.

2. ESO should do one using “must” and “should”.




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40 respuestas a Must & Should

  1. dani2000pd dijo:

    Hola soy daniel aqui esta mi prezi

  2. dani2000pd dijo:

    Hola Yolanda soy Daniel Te vuelvo a mandar mi prezi a ver si ahora lo recibes =).

  3. yolajb dijo:

    Well done, Marina and well done to the rest. .You are all now ready for the final project. I’ll tell you about it on Monday.

  4. Marina RC dijo:


    • yolajb dijo:

      I do. I like it very much. There are a few, not very important mistakes that we can correct at school on Wednesday. It’s great that you could make it on your own.

    • yolajb dijo:

      Jonás, you should have sent me the “must & should” prezi before this one. I said today this is the final project and I will post a new article to avoid mixing both subjects. So keep the link in a safe place and send it on a comment to the next post.

  5. Marina RC dijo:
    My prezi final, Yolanda
    I’m sorry I sent that late

  6. yolajb dijo:

    Ok, Marina. Your are great. Let me open a new post to collect the comments there. I don’t want to mix both projects. So, can you please send it again as a comment to the new post?


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