Snow White’s life

She is Snow White. She likes red apples. She has got 7 brothers. She is the head director of a cleaning company. She loves listening to music. She can sing very well. She never drinks strange drinks. She always drinks apple juice. She sleeps in a very big bedroom.

Yesterday her stepmother visited her. She gave her a present in a box. In the box there was a red apple. She forgot to eat the apple. She threw the apple in the dustbin. She ate a banana instead.

Tomorrow she is going to a disco with her 7 brothers. Then she is going to eat a pizza at a pizzeria.

Next week she will travel to Germany. She will visit a very old castle. She will buy  some German beer. She will meet a very interesting young boy. She is in love with this boy. He is called Jürgen.

Jürgen and Snow White are now sitting in the sofa in the living room. They  are writing letters to all his friends and family. They are inviting them to their wedding. They are getting married on the 7th May.

This month, Snow White has bought a new tv.

She has found a new job. She has started working for a very big Chinese company.


. . . . . . . . . . T H E   E N D . . . . . . .

Is she going to the disco with her friend Jürgen? No, she isn’t. She is going with her7 brothers.

Who is Jürgen? Jürgen is Snow White’s boyfriend

Did she throw the apple through the window? No, she didn’t. She trew the apple in the dustbin.

What did they eat at the pizzeria? They ate a pizza.

When will they get married? They will get married on the 7th May.

Are they inviting many people to their wedding? Yes, they are.

Will she buy some beer in Germany? Yes, she will.


Casper’s life

He is Casper. He has got two cats and two dogs. He hasn’t got any hair. He is a football player. He is 100 years old. He never plays PS3. He usually goes to the supermarket. He is retired.

He is waking up. He’s praying to God. He is taking a shower. He is having breakfast. He is going to the shopping centre.

Yesterday, he read a book. He drank apple juice. He went to the park. He met with his friends.

He will go to Benidorm. He will go the beach. He will go to the Benidorm’s swimming pool. He will go to the gym. He will eat an ice cream.

Question & answers.

What is  Casper’s job? He is a football player

Where is he going? He is going to the shopping centre

What did he read? He read a book.

Where will he go? He will go to Benidorm


Alexander’s life
He is Alexander.He is 14 years old. He is from Wales. He is a football player. His favourite food is pizza. He has got 2 brothers.
Yesterday, he went to the cinema. He watched the Amazing Spiderman 2. After the movie he went to McDonald’s and he ate a hamburger. Later, went to Santiago Bernabeu to watch Real Madrid Vs. Bayern Munich. He went to shopping to buy a T-shirt. The T-shirt was yellow.
Next week, he will go to Las Vegas. He will go to Las Vegas because is the birthday of his father. His father will go to the casino. He will play the rulette. Hopefully his father will win a  million dollars. Then he will travel to Canada by boat.
Now, he is going to school. He is learning Spanish. Then, he is going to visit his girlfriend and later he is going to train for football.
Today, he has eaten in a restaurant. He has listened to music. And later he has gone to sleep.


Elisabeth II is the queen of England. She has saussages , bacon and eggs for breakfast. She watches a football match every morning. After that she wears her swimming trunks and she swims for 5 minutes in the river Thames. In the evening she plays bridge with her driver.

Next month she is going to hunt an elephant in Africa with the Spanish king. She is going to hit the king on the head because she is an ecologist. She doesn’t like people killing elephants.

Next year she will visit New Zeeland. She will stay at a hotel in Wellington. She will be playing a rugby match with her grandchildren. She will ride on a kangaroo.

Yesterday she took part in a TV programme. She danced for “Look who is dancing”. Her partner was Justin Timberlake.

At the moment she is home in Buckingham palace. She is sending a WhatsApp to her husband. She is playing on the computer. She likes Minecraft. She is listening to AC/DC.

Today she has been shopping with the Duchess of Alba. They have bought a beautiful mini-skirt and a bikini for the summer.



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