My family

A family tree with the pictures and names/relations of all the member of the family.

Hi, my name is Sam. I have got a big family. Charles is my father and Janet is my mother. I have got two sisters. My sister Sara was born first. She is sixteen years old. Anna is my second eldest sister. She is fourteen years old. I’m the youngest in my family. I’m eleven years old.

Hi, my name is Charles. My parents are Paul and Susan Brown. I have got one brother, one sister, one nephew and two nieces. Garry is my brother’s Jack son. He is the same age as my son Sam. My sister Laura has two daughters. Dina and Kate are lovely twins.


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4 respuestas a My family

  1. teresa dijo:

    yolanda as puesto dos veces was

  2. maria dijo:

    Grandfather Grandmother brother sister baby grandson son daugther cousin niece nephew..


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