Getting to know each other

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Get ready all the simple questions you are going to ask the Comenius students when they come to visti us in Madrid:

Are you ….¿

Have you got …?

Can you … ?

Do you…?

Where do you …?

What time do you …?

What do you… ?

When do you … ?

How many …….. do you ….?

1: Jordán

2: kimberly

J: Hello, how are you?

K: I´m fine, thank you, and you?

J: Very well ,thank you.

K: What´s your name?

J: My name is jordan. And yours?

K: My name is kimberly

J: How old are you?

K: I´m 14 years old. And you?

J: I´m 15.

K: Where are you from?

J: I’m from Marocco. And you?

K: I’m from Romania. What languages do you speak?

J: I speak French. And you?

K: I speak Romanian.

J: What is your favorite subject?

K: My favorite subject is science.And you?

J: My favorite is Art. Have you got a pet?

K: I have got a guinea pig.And you?

J: I have got a snake.

K: What is your favorite food?

J: My favorite food is couscous. And yours?

K: My favorite food is sarmale.

J: Have you got a boyfrind?

K: No, I haven’t but I would like to. Have you got a girlfriend?

J: No, I haven’t. What is your favorite color?

K: My favorite color is red. What is yours?

J: Blue.

K: What is Morocco like?

J: It’s very beautiful,


  1. Noah
  2. Mary

N: Hello.

M: Hello.

N: My name is Noah. And yours?

M: My name is Mary.

N: How old are you?

M: I´m 13 years old. And you?

N: I´m 15.

M: Where are you from?

N: I’m from England. And you?

M: I’m from Slovakia.

N: Do you like chocolate?

M: No, I don’t. Do you?

N: Yes, i love chocolate.

M: Do you like playing football.

N: Yes, I do. Do you?

M: Yes, I do. What is your favourite color?

N: My favourite color is blue. And yours?

M: Mine is green.

N: How do you go to school?

M: I go on foot. And you?

N: I go by car or bus.

M: What do you eat for breakfast?

N: I eat eggs, toast and bacon. And you?

M: I eat cereal and milk.

N: Have you got  any brothers or sisters?

M: Yes, I have got two sisters. And you?

N: No, I haven’t.


Johanna and Said

Said: Did you visit Spain last summer? 

Johanna: No, I didn't

Said: Did you have a good flight?

Johanna: Yes, I did

Said: Did you like the welcome program 

Johanna: Yes, I did

Said: Have you got any pets?

Johanna: No, I haven't 

Said: What television programs do you like?

Johanna: I like the simpson

Said: Can you play tennis

Johanna: Yes, I can 

Said: Can you play de guitar

Johanna: Yes, I can.

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