Great Story 2º ESO

John is a boy. He´s fifteen years old. He lives in a neighbourhood of “Campamento”, in Madrid. He´s Russian. He can play football, hockey and a lot of other sports but he can´t play basketball. He can speak four languages: French, English, Spanish and of course he can speak Russian. He has got a girlfriend called Sara. In his flat he has got a dog, a computer and a marble table. Now he´s reading a newspaper and he´s drinking a cup of coffee. At the moment, he´s listening to the radio and he´s lying down in the sofa. Yesterday, he had a good day because he met his friends, and later, they went to the restauran of “fast food” for eat a lunch. After eat lunch, they went to the park and the played football. (At the next day) When he went to the shop, a police-man was arresting a thief. Today, John is going to go to the library for borrow some books, later, he´ll do his homework. Tomorrow, John will go to the cinema with his friends and Sara. But before the cinema, he´ll cook a cake for his sister´s birthday. In a few minutes John having a dinner, and later, he´ll lay down for a few minutes for arest. (The questions and answer I will send you tomorrow)


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  1. Tatiana is a girl.She is 28 years old.She is a police women.She hasn’t got any children.She has got a cat.She can play the flute but she can’t play the piano.She can play tennis and she can speak 3 languages.But she can’t speak French.She can speak English,Spanish and Chinesse.She likes chiken and apples doesn’t like tea.She like dancing and she like singing. She lives in Madrid.She works in a Station Police.She has got a computer and she has got a Wii.She drives a big car.She has got a house whith a park.Today Tatiana is going to the cinema.She is wearing a short jeans and red t-shirt.She is wearing trainers.A favourite colors is a red and pink.She eats an orange every day.On Monday I go to the park.She drinks coffe in the morning and she eats breat.


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