All your storybirds!

 To the Students of  IES Parque aluche:

Thank you all for your storybirds!!!!!!!

You have worked nicely and I enjoyed every story. Here you have them to read,  whenever you like. Thanks a lot!!


  1. (Gonzalo)
  2. (Sonia)
  3. (Javi)
  4. (Marcos)
  5. (Pilar)

  6. (Sara y Sonia)


  1. (Cristina R)

  2. (Belén)

  3. (Patricia)
  4. (Beatriz)
  5. (David Amador)
  6. (Mario)
  7. (Ainoa P)
  8. (Eva)
  9. (María)
  10. (Laura)
  11. (Silvia)
  12. (Rubén)
  13. (Lara)
  14. (Samara)
  15. G)


    (Cristina B)

  18. (Vicente)

  19. (Juan)

  20. (Christian)

  21. (Mateo)

  22. (Ainhoa Rico)

  23. (Estefanía)

  24. (Aliah)


  1. (Alba)
  2. (David)

  4.  (Darling, sin editar)

  5. (Francisco)

  6. (Sara)
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14 respuestas a All your storybirds!

  1. Cristina.B-4ºA dijo:

    hello teacher! here is my story I hope you like

  2. Hola profe en este link te dejo mi historia, pero tuve que registrarme con otro nombre porque el mio no aceptaba

  3. Enrique , Irene, Celina y Marcos. dijo:

    He is Camilo. He is an intelligent doctor. He is 19 years old. He lives in California. He has got two sister and a brother. He has got a father and mother and a girl friend. He likes going to the cinema. He can play the guitar and the flute. He can speak Spanish and French. He is reading a sport magazine. He is visiting New York. He likes playing football and riding a bike.

    At the moment he is eating a sandwich and reading a newspaper.

    Yesterday he meet a friend. He went to the gym.

    (Could you please, finish the story using some more sentences using the Past Continuous and the Past Simple)


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