Storybird? What’s this? What can I make with

Storybird? Could you, please, send a comment and tell us

something about Storybird?


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17 respuestas a Storybird

  1. Vicky. dijo:

    With this you can create a little story. It’s good for learn vocabulary and I read one of this, it’s good!

  2. Redacción dijo:

    That’s right, Vicki. You can write a story adding pictures and having lots of fun. ¿Are you going too try? I hope so. We’ll talk about it at school …

  3. David Feler dijo:

    I do not understand about that is it but it looks interesting, think about creating your own story with pictures but not sure or create one of these stories.Yolanda, can you tell me how to do please? Or if you find it more comfortable you explain me tomorrow (Thursday November 18, 2010) that we have English class.
    Thanks you.

  4. lupa dijo:

    Hemos escrito una story pero para verla hay que entrar con nombre y dirección de correo.
    esta es la dirección de la página donde podrás leerla:

  5. Agustina dijo:

    I love this site! So easy and effective! Thanks!

  6. David Feler dijo:

    ok,thanks you

  7. Belén Pérez 4ºA dijo:

    Hello teacher!!
    ¡Felices fiestas! Espero que te lo estés pasando bien estas navidades y que santa te haya traído muchas cosas. 🙂

    Well, this is my little history; I hope you like this.

  8. Patricia-4ºA dijo:

    Hello teacher!
    Aqui te dejo mi historia, haber si te gusta
    Felices Fiestas y prospero año nuevo!!

  9. Ainhoa Rico 4ºA dijo:
  10. agtear dijo:

    Well done, Ainhoa! Here you are! And so is your story! Thank you!

  11. Guillermo P dijo:

    Hi! Yolanda how do you do this?, I don’t know,

  12. I read one of this, it’s good! I am going to create other of this , and then I will send it to you!!


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